Tabita Project, Brazil, Tirzah


Tirzah’s leaders in Latin America work in schools to educate teens about HIV/AIDS. 


Abilene da Paz Barros Silva, Tirzah’s regional leader in Brazil partners with "CAMPOS" (Support Center Missions Projects and Social Organizations). Within this ministry, Abilene works to recruit and train Christians of different denominations to bring the Word of God to people who live in places with difficult access, who don’t know Christ or where there is little evangelical presence. The Network visits these often poor families, bringing not just the Gospel but also clothes, shoes and toys for donation.

Abilene trains Brazilian missionaries to be sent to places where Christ is not yet known. The training focuses on the importance of health in three dimensions: body, soul and spirit. 

Abilene and the Tirzah Brazil network regularly conduct activities and events to train on topics such as prayer, missions, and outreach projects to impoverished communities.


Tirzah’s leaders in Latin America train leaders and teach throughout the region on how to counsel women who have suffered abuse. They also train leaders on how to address cultural norms that dehumanize women and girls.