The Fadhili Program, Nairobi, Kenya with Tirzah's Partner Homecare


This program provides emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological support to widows in the Kibera Slum who are living with HIV. The women learn skills like knitting, soap-making, bead-making, and crocheting, among others. They then sell these products to earn income. For the three years these women are in our program, we assist with their rent and medical care. The women meet not just to learn new skills but also to share their personal experiences. During their therapy sessions, many are encouraged to learn that what they are going through is not new and others have gone through it victoriously. They also learn that they are loved and precious to the God who created them. At the end of the three years, we support these women with capital to go and start a business of their choice.


Women and girls living in Kibera, the large slum outside of Nairobi, are particularly vulnerable to sexual abuse. A key part of efforts to fight modern-day slavery focuses on prevention, and providing women with the skills that will keep them from falling prey to those that would exploit them. Some of the women in this program have worked as prostitutes.