Nireekshana ACET, Hyderabad, India


This program provides clinical and social care for the poor living with HIV in India. Drs. Sujai and Lavanya Suneetha bring hope to their patients, delivering the good news that even with HIV, it is possible to live a full and productive life. They consider their work to be a Christian response to the global pandemic.  They and their team run one main and two satellite outpatient clinics in the Hyderabad area of Andhra Pradesh, and see over 1000 patients a month. This program provides clinical care (including home-based care for those who cannot make it to the clinic), counseling, information about HIV testing and prevention, assistance obtaining ARVs, scholarships for patient’s children and income generation projects including training in embroidery, sewing and candle-making. The main clinic in Hyderabad also carries out original research into improving HIV treatment.