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Cheryl Lovejoy // President // Cheryl grew up in the Los Angeles area and was blessed to have a family that loved her and invested in her future. As Tirzah's President, Cheryl is thrilled to be part of a team that invests in women across the globe, encouraging them to believe that they are made in God's image and that He has exciting purposes for them to fulfill. Through her work with various non-profits, Cheryl has lived and worked in Mexico, Honduras, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Carolina - and has enjoyed them all! She now lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two sons.


Casandra Morgan-Loyer // Regional Leader for North America // Casandra is an Emmy-nominated writer who joined the staff of Tirzah in January 2014 as Tirzah's Regional Leader for North America after serving as the co-leader of Tirzah's Los Angeles chapter. Casandra loves all kinds of stories and believes in the power of the individual's story to inform and move people to action. Her personal mission is to help women and girls thrive, prosper, believe, hope, laugh uncontrollably and know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they matter. She gets a huge thrill out of connecting people in North America with the justice issues that impact women and girls globally and she really, really doesn't like when people are mean to those who have less power. She lives in California with her very creative husband, Erik and their two children.


Emma Reimers // Creative Communications Director // Emma is a California native who found her way to Tennessee for school (go 'Dores!) and music. She is a writer of many things - songs, blogs, poems, novellas, essays, embarrassing 6th grade journal entries - and loves anything to do with learning, food, design, city planning, and art. Emma first became interested in investing in women's rights, education, and health care through a trip to Kenya in 2009.  Seeing how few girls made it past the 8th grade inspired Emma to leverage her education and cultivate her talents to the fullest capacity to empower others to do the same. She is ecstatic to be a part of Team Tirzah and use creativity to bring color to the powerful stories God is writing through women and girls. Emma lives in Nashville with her science genius husband, Jackson and their pet plant. 


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Fenny Ang // Fenny and her husband Toon Howe live in Shanghai, with their daughter Elizabeth. Fenny is a Chinese-Malaysian Christian, and has more than 15 years of management consulting experience, having worked in Accenture and IBM. Fenny has also worked with World Vision and Habitat for Humanity. She currently provides leadership cross-cultural training as a freelance Executive Coach in Shanghai.


Debbie Ardan Christian // Debbie is chairwoman of the board and has a background in economic research, corporate philanthropy, and copywriting. A devoted booklover, she happily handles submissions for Alive Literary Agency and acquisitions/production for Bondfire Books. Debbie has been affiliated with Tirzah International for over a decade, and has traveled frequently in Africa with teams. She is especially involved with Tirzah’s programs that help women improve their small businesses through microloans and business training.


Anita Delhaas-van Dijk // Anita serves as the Executive Director for the International Justice Mission for the Netherlands & Europe.  Formerly, she spent twenty years in leadership with World Vision serving as: Country Director for World Vision Lebanon, National Director of World Vision Netherlands, Director of Corporate Partnerships WVI/Board representative EULO in Brussels, Belgium, Director for European Expansion in Spain and France and National Director of Romania.


David Christian Patrick Frame // David is owner and editor at Razor Edits, working with leading advertising agencies, television producers and non-profit organizations to deliver high-quality long form programs and commercials. He has been working in this industry for 20 years. David has volunteered his time and expertise to travel and film, edit and produce short documentaries of Tirzah International’s ministry in Burundi and Kenya. He is a member of Silverlake Community Church and serves on the Board of Elders.


Cheryl Lovejoy // Cheryl lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two sons. Cheryl worked in Mexico and Honduras with Latin America Mission and in Los Angeles and Mozambique with World Vision. She also worked with Opportunity International in Zimbabwe. After working with Women of Global Action (now Tirzah International) for ten years, Cheryl now serves as the President of Tirzah International.


Jessica Thompson // Jessica's drive to help women globally began on her first trip to Africa where she met a woman named Gaudence, whose story inspired Jessica to start her own business to help build micro-enterprise opportunities for women. She now owns her own health and wellness company with Arbonne International and is a National Vice President. With over a decade of experience in mentoring and coaching women in the business arena, she is passionate about using her knowledge to help women all over the world use their God-given gifts. Jessica is a mother of four and wife of the senior pastor at Pulpit Rock Church, Thomas Thompson, in Colorado Springs. 

our advisory board


Milan Cronovich // Milan is a San Diego based producer, Tirzah Advisory Board Member, travel-lover, daddy to Niko (his 3-year-old son), and husband to fellow Advisory Board Member, Paula. Paula and Milan have been partnering with Tirzah for many, many years and have led Tirzah Travels trips from LA with Ecclesia Church to visit Tirzah's partner, Homecare, in Kenya. Milan developed many dear, dear friends in Kenya and his life has been forever touched and changed because of Tirzah's work with children and women around the world. 


Paula Cronovich // Paula is a professor of Spanish at Point Loma Nazarene University where she uses the gift of language to help people connect with one another. When doing research in sub-Saharan Africa, she witnessed the tough reality for women and families living with HIV positive status. Being a part of the Tirzah network is an opportunity for her to connect with others who care about helping women live their best lives, regardless of status, and to find hope in Christ.


Jenny Jones // Jenny, who also goes by moniker Willow Stephens, is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA. The Montana native spent the first several years of her career performing as a solo act in and around the coffeehouses of Seattle. Stephens has strong roots in jazz and folk music and is also a classically trained pianist and vocalist. She has a heart for women who are impacted by violence and poverty. To them, Jenny says, "You are loved beyond measure. You are strong; you are valuable. It is God’s desire that you would thrive." 


DJ Snell // DJ Snell is the President and Founder of Legacy, LLC, where he serves as manager and representative for both professional athletes and coaches, as well as literary agent for celebrity clients and authors. DJ is also a Licensed Mental Health Counselor working with Grace Clinic in Winter Park.  His background and education at both Harvard Law School and Reformed Theological Seminary uniquely equip him for work in these two fields. DJ became familiar with the work of Tirzah International (formerly Women of Global Action) in 2008 when he was teaching in Kigali, Rwanda.  DJ travels often to Africa where he has taught pastoral counseling and Biblical studies.  


Sarah Wauterlek Pierson // Sarah has experience as a teacher, writer, photographer, and travel business owner. She is the founder of Purposeful Wanderings, a boutique luxury travel agency with a give-back focus. She has a passion for others to experience the world through travel and by connecting with other cultures. In 2014, she put together a trip for young widows in the US to visit the work that Tirzah does to support widows in Kenya. She is the author of Young Widow: A Memoir and a regular contributor to the Huffington Post Blog UK. Sarah lives in London, England with her husband and young son. 


Rahel Yoo // Rahel Lee-Yoo has served on local, national, and international missions including one in Burundi with Tirzah. She is currently on an indefinite mission trip in the great country of Texas. She is married to Joseph and they have one son. She is a commissioned Deacon in the United  Methodist Church where she lives out her calling to feed, clothe, quench, visit, look after and invite.

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