Prayer Updates:

June 2019

Join us in praying for all that's happening with Tirzah's Regional Leaders and partners this month:


Please use the prayer guide I sent as prayers for this month. And continuing prayers for wisdom in recruiting our North America Director. Your prayers are treasured!

Dear Praying Friends,

This Friday our Tirzah team heads out for Serbia (May 24 to May 31) and Amsterdam (May 31 to June 6).  Would you please pray for us during this time?  Your prayers will be a great encouragement!

Here's the schedule:

Saturday, May 25: Arrive in Budapest and take a bus to Subotica, Serbia where Ksenija  lives.  

Sunday, May 26: I'm preaching at the church service.  Ksenija's husband, Viktor, is the pastor of their church, as you know.  Pray for the Lord to encourage, inspire and do His wonderful thing during these two church services - morning and evening!  They also hold a 6pm church service especially for the Roma in their community.  The Roma work in the markets, so Sunday morning is prime work time for them, so Ksenija and her husband created an evening service in their language so they can join in.  

Monday, 5/27: Will meet with the leader and participants in the Aniko Project.  Run by a woman named Aniko in Ksenija's church! She has a heart to counsel women who've been through trauma, and now youth are wanting to join the program as well.  Ksenija has told us that counseling, especially Christian counseling, is not common in her region of Serbia.

Tuesday, 5/28: Will meet with the group of young Roma women.  These are essentially girls who have been married off by their families at very early ages (13-15) and then have become Moms.  Ksenija and women at her church have begun meeting with them and loving on them and sharing Bible studies with them.  Over time, the young women have begun to open up in trust.  Now even their young husbands have asked for Bible study!  Not sure if we will also meet the husbands.  Pray that we can be an encouragement to them!  

Wednesday, 5/29: We go with Ksenija from Subotica to Belgrade - will meet with an Iranian Christian couple who are working with about 200 refugees from Iran now located in Belgrade. Ksenija is planning to start some work with refugee women in Subotica so we'll join her in meeting with this couple to see how she can begin the work.

Thursday, 5/30: We will meet with a Serbian woman who helps to lead the "Daughter of the King" (DOK)  leadership conferences held among women from the Balkan nations.  This is a special ministry!  With the conflict that has taken place in the Balkans, there remains a struggle to engage meaningfully across the nations of this region.  The women are facing this challenge and meeting together through DOK to worship, pray, plan for ministry.  Exciting!  

Please pray that our time in Serbia will be healthy, safe - amazing!  And that Ksenija will feel uplifted and encouraged by our time with her.

Please also pray for our little travel team to have unity, joy, laughter and that all of the logistics of travel will go smoothly and well.

Friday, 5/31 to Thursday, 6/6:  In Amsterdam for the first gathering of women who lead global ministries.  This is being put on by women from the World Evangelical Alliance (a large global group full of Christians from all denominations  I included this link as Esme is now on the WEA's senior leadership team!

Please pray for the Amsterdam gathering to be a time of real encouragement and meeting with women who share the passion for what God's doing among women globally.  

Please also pray for those of us traveling --  Debbie Christian, Judy Couchman - an author of discipleship materials for Christian women - and Cheryl.  As we head into the trip, we are all struggling with health issues - prayers for healing will be appreciated!   

Thank you and thank you and thank you!!  To know you are praying gives peace, joy and confidence.

 Thankful for you,


President, Tirzah International



Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central Africa Republic, Chad, Gabon, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Sierra Leone

(Updated December 2018)

Bien Aimées

Nous voulons vous inviter à remercier le Seigneur pour sa grâce sur moi sur mon époux et sur tous les membres de la famille durant toute cette année 2018. Nous louons également le Seigneur pour notre Conférence internationale de l’Afrique Francophone du 7 au 18 Juillet 2018, qu’Il a rendu possible, et pour la réussite même de cette Conférence à Bamako au Mali. Nous Le remercions pour les âmes qui ont été libérées et gagnées à Christ pendant cette période. Nous le Remercions pour la joie et satisfaction que Dieu a données aux participantes de la Conférence, et pour leurs nouveaux engagements de suivre fidèlement le Maître et d’accomplir son œuvre avec zèle et intégrité. Nous prions pour l’organisation des conférences nationales dans chacun de ces 15 pays et que tous les thèmes qui ont été enseignés pendant la Conférence Internationale cette année au Mali soient repris dans ces pays pour une transformation profonde des femmes. Que Dieu vous bénisse, Madeleine Gouentoueu, Leader Tirzah Afrique Francophone.

Dear Beloved Sisters,

We want to invite you to thank the Lord for his grace on me on my husband and on all the members of the family during all this year 2018. We also praise the Lord for our International Conference of Francophone Africa from July 7 to 18, 2018, which He has made possible, and for the very success of this Conference in Bamako, Mali. We thank Him for the souls who were released and won over to Christ during this time. We thank Him for the joy and satisfaction that God has given to the participants of the Conference, and for their new commitments to faithfully follow the Master and accomplish his work with zeal and integrity. We pray for the organization of national conferences in each of these 15 countries and that all the themes that were taught during the International Conference this year in Mali are taken up in these countries for a profound transformation of women.

God bless you.
Madeleine Gouentoueu
Francophone Africa Leader


South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana, Namibia

(Updated September 2018)

This year there are a few events that I covet prayer for:

  1. A TEASA workshop on sexism has been arranged for pastors on 5th September 2018 where I will be speaking. Need lots of prayers for this!!

  2. October 2nd-4th, 2018 I travel to East London South Africa to conduct a leadership workshop with 80 ministers wives and spend one evening mentoring women students at the university. I will also be speaking on ethical leadership to leaders in the municipality.

  3. I will be participating in the South African “Justice Conference” as a contributor on 12th and 13th October 2018, speaking on Woman abuse in the Church and the role the local Church could play in addressing this issue.

Esmé Bowers


Vanuatu, Fiji, Bangladesh, Tonga, Australia

Thank you again for your prayers.


1. I am so thankful to have completed my studies graduating with a Masters in Christian Leadership.

2. I spoke recently at a workshop on “hearing the voice of women at the leadership table” God blessed that time and the conversations that followed.

3. I have had such joy mentoring some wonderful young adult female leaders.


1. I am at a leadership conference now and would value your prayers as I connect with women and men in senior leadership in churches from around Australia. 

2. I am going on a trip with some women influencers to India in July and would really value your prayers for that time that I would be a blessing to those I meet.


Please pray as we celebrate and bless my beautiful faith-filled mum through marriage as she turns 90.

 Thanks friends, 



(Updated September 2018)

Dear friends,

This summer we are full with camps for children. In July, there were camps for Roma kids in four different locations in the area. In our church, we did it together with Serbian and Hungarian children. We want to teach children to accept each other and not to look at each others' nationality. Pray that the Word they heard would go deep into their hearts and that they could apply it to their lives. Next week, on August 6th, the camp for teenagers begins where we are expecting 60 ids from 13-17 years of age. After that, we will have another camp for the youth. Please pray for these two events. Especially for the kids and young adults who will be hearing the Gospel for the first time, please pray that the Christians in this camp overwhelm them with God's love. Let these days be a life-changing experience for them! Good news! Our Roma brothers and sisters finally have a church building. Thanks to our brothers and sisters in Hong Kong who have helped make this happen. This is the second church in the history of Serbia where a woman is the pastor. Pray for this church and for Vesna, the pastor, that she could have courage and proclaim the name of Jesus is this city. 



(Updated December 2018)

Please pray for the team departing for Kenya/Ethiopia in June. It’s a small but enthusiastic team and we are thankful the Lord has brought us together. We pray for traveling mercies, of course, wellness, energy, safety and ears to hear the Lord’s direction as we spend time with the women and make connections.




We praise the Lord for… 

  • Funds that we have received to cover some of the ministry’s needs. Thank you for your prayers these past few months. We trust the Lord to continue to provide. 

  • Women’s ministry training programs: a general ministry training for women in ministry (part 1 of 3 was done) and another for leaders of teenage girls’ meetings/groups (parts 2 of 5 were done). Both programs are going very well and we are praying for real fruit in the lives of the trainees and the lives of those to whom they minister. 

  • ATI program: we had a problem, that went on for a long time, with extending the visas of the students and AWEMA staff in charge of the program. Praise the Lord that all the visas have been extended for 3 months in an unexpected way!

Please pray with us for the following:

  • AWEMA staff traveling to Morocco  to provide ministry training and support for the local church. There will be two simultaneous events, one of which is specialized for women. Please pray for obtaining visas, protection for AWEMA workers, and guidance to minister to the real needs of the indigenous church. 

  • Ongoing political unrest in Sudan: Please pray for protection for AWEMA team as they carry on the ministry activities as normal! Please also pray for the people of Sudan and the local church that God may protect them and that He may be glorified and the Gospel advanced.

  • A four-day women’s conference in a MENA country: 25 local women attended and different topics were discussed (holiness and purity of heart, a woman’s value in God’s eyes, Christian marriage, forgiveness, and others). Women in attendance were very responsive and voluntarily shared their deep wounds and received God’s healing. May they continue to walk with the Lord on this journey of healing and growth.

  • Augustine Theological Institute (ATI) has started! The Lord has supplied the financial needs for the first installment. We’re still praying about and trusting the Lord with the rest of the expenses. All the students have arrived safely, settled into their dorms and started their classes! We are excited to see what the Lord will do in their lives during and beyond the six- month study program. Please continue to lift them up in prayer along with the faculty and administrative team.

Please pray with us for the following:

  • Planning for 2019: please continue to pray for wisdom and discernment for AWEMA’s leadership and workers as we continue to plan for 2019. May all our work be in accordance with God’s will and plan.

  • Pray that God may open doors for us to support the indigenous church in countries suffering from political, social and economic crises (Syria, Iraq, and others.) AWEMA team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior help us adore Him even more and give Him all the glory. For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on His shoulders. And He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Of the greatness of His government and peace there will be no end (Isaiah 9: 6 – 7).

God bless you.
In Him,
M. F.

General Director


Greetings to you from Nireekshana! Thank you for your consistent prayers.

Prayer Request Points

  • Pray for IC Project

  • Pray for Nireekshana Clinic

  • Pray for women’s empowerment unit as they venture into the business unit should be the success.  

  • Pray for patients and their families 

  • Pray for children exam results

  • Pray for community work

  • Pray for staff, volunteers and their families.   

  • Pray for Bethel clinic

  • Pray for Joha Enterprises 

Thank you


For Dr Lavanya


Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines

We praise for,

1. By the guidance of God our TI Myanmar will be 23rd anniversary in May 19. We, EC members are working together faithfully in all these years, trained many women in our country, can hold prayer meeting and medical mission once every month.

2. Could hold successfully women’s conference in Lashio on 7-9 May 19 where 75 women leaders from different churches attended. They appreciated highly for the lessons they learnt and were greatly inspired for them.

3. Prayer & fellowship meeting was held on 18 May19. 

Please pray for,

1. The good weather to hold Medical mission on 30 May 19 at Phalone village. 

2. The celebration of our TI Myanmar 23rd anniversary will be on 22 Jun 19 as we all were busy in May and could not celebrate it. 

3. Our trip to Orlando, FL for the Global Gathering of Church of God (Anderson) on 25-30 Jun 19. Myself and Ms Cho Htwe, my cousin, Shelly and her sister are going to attend. After the conference we will go to another cousin’s house in Maryland, stay there 1-9 Jul 19 and Shelly and her sister also will visit to their relatives another place.  We all will be back to Yangon on 11 Jul. Please pray for the conference and our safe trip. 

Thank you for your prayer and financial support to us.

Dorothy Colney


Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Southern Sudan

(Updated December 2018)

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  1. I praise God for you and the Tirzah Tampa Bay Sisters for your faithfulness over the years, praying for us!

  2. Praise God for seeing the Homecare Fellowship through financially, physically, spiritually and emotionally. There were no deaths among the women with HIV /AIDS, the children in OVC and the Staff.

  3. For healing of my eyes and provision to get good medical care.

  4. We thank God for the students who were sitting for the national exams. Now waiting for results and moving to the next level.

  5. We thank God for Dr. Njeri, Peter and Helen visit to America and back , they travelled safely.


In His Service always,

Rev. Judy Mbugua

Homecare Spiritual Fellowship (Kenya)

C.E.O/FOUNDER Homecare Spiritual Fellowship


Prayer requests:

1. Pray for my little girl Rebekah who is one month and 15 days old. May the Lord provide for his healthy growth.

2. Pray for the Project: “Caring for who care”. May God preserve my health and strength so that I can develop strategies that benefit women in need. May God provide the financial resources to carry out the project.

3. Pray for the Missionary Antonia. May the Lord bless your family, health and ministry

4. Pray for the CMO (World Prayer Campaign). May the Lord pour a genuine revival upon the whole earth

A big hug,

Abilene Silva

National Coordinator Tirzah BRAZIL, Regional Coordinator Tirzah INTERNATIONAL