Prayer Updates: July 2018

Join us in praying for all that's happening with Tirzah's Regional Leaders and partners this month:


Thank you, as always, for the faithful prayers. We are so grateful for you all.

Thank you, as ever, for gathering prayers. Here we go:

  • Praise God for a wonderful gathering of Tirzah Brazil. 70 women from across the nation came together for training, worship, prayer and encouragement. The Lord was with us and the women were uplifted and renewed for a new season of ministry. Pray for provision for one of Brazil's official projects, "Maos que Criam" (Hands that Create) - they have raised funds for the amazing work they are doing among children living in the garbage dump and are now seeking to raise add'l funding for the windows, doors and additional seating for the little center they have started to build at the dump.
  • Please pray for Madeleine and team as they prepare for the big conference, July 7-14. Pray for safety in travel as the women make their way to Mali, for safety while they are there, for a great connection with the Malians, as they desire always to bless the nation where they meet. And for strength, wisdom, joy as they finish up preparations. Please also pray for the Lord to provide additional funding for the conference.
  • Pray for the Lord's provision for all of the global work (for needed people, funds, health, joy, fruit . . . !)
  • Pray for the Lord's wisdom and promptings for all of Tirzah's global leaders, board members, staff, advocates and donors. May He lead us in this good work!
  • Praise God for a great trip for Casandra and the Africa team!
  • Ask the Lord to touch the hearts of those still considering joining the Tunisia/Egypt team this fall.

Thank you dear friends - it is a real encouragement to share these requests and to
know they will be lifted up with love to the Lord!


President, Tirzah International


Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central Africa Republic, Chad, Gabon, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Sierra Leone

May the peace and grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be with you and with all those around you and with each of your different families. I want to thank you for your words of encouragement, even though I do not deserve all that was said in this mail about me, these words strengthened me and encouraged me in this fight. A tough fight but already won in advance two thousand years ago by the WINNER Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

I give you some more pressing prayer topics:

  1. Pray for the peace of the country that receives this important Conference. The Conference is held two weeks before the election of this country with all the troubles often before and after the presidential elections in the country especially in Africa. Pray that the Lord controls and soothes everything.
  2. Pray for the safety of the Participants, the Conference will be held in an Islamic country where attacks are often frequent, but we forgive the Name of God ALL POWERFUL, He will cover us with His wings. Pray do not be afraid but put their trust in the Lord.
  3. Pray for my husband, I am obliged to go with him to Mali at the Consultation, because our son Ainé Eric who took care of him when I'm traveling, is sick right now. He is in a psychiatric center six hundred kilometers from home for three months and there is no one to watch Daddy Gilbert. So let's pray for the trip and the stay there, that everything is going well. We have faith in Him that He can always do the impossible, He is the God of the impossible. Here are some complementary topics. May God bless you abundantly

Madeleine Gouentoueu
Francophone Africa Leader


South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana, Namibia

Esme is improving after her knee operation and is well on her way to normal activities. Many doors are opening for ministry amongst the younger generation. Please continue to pray for the fruit of the African Empowered 21 conference, held May 14-19, at which Esme spoke.

Much love and blessings

Esmé Bowers


Vanuatu, Fiji, Bangladesh, Tonga, Australia

I would love you to join me in thanking God as I have just completed my research for the Master’s in Christian Leadership that I have been studying. Graduation is next year but it feels wonderful to have crossed the finish line.

Church life is going well and I always appreciate your prayers that we would have the joy of more people coming to believe in God. We will be celebrating 20 years as a church and have a dinner planned for early September.

Phil and I will be traveling this month so would love your prayers for safe travel as we meet friends and celebrate being married for 30 years.

I would also value your prayers for our family as our daughter will be having a baby in late August ... first grandchild for us. So I would value your prayers for a normal delivery and healthy Mum and baby.

Blessing to you all praying friends,
Love Kath x


  • My heart is full of praise!  After twenty years of praying, the Lord answered our prayer. My 38-year-old daughter met a nice Christian man in January, and she is engaged now. Please pray for their future marriage.
  • Pray for the group of young Roma wives, some of them have 15, 16 years, and are already mothers. We started regular meeting with them on the weekly bases little more than a month ago. In the beginning they were shy, quiet, but last few times they started to open up, and started to share about their lives. Many of them need counseling, and all of them need lots of love.
  • Pray for May 12th as there will be a conference for women in northern Serbai. We are looking forward to meeting with about 150 ladies. Pray that this day would be the day of rest and encouragement for those who will be present.



Please pray for the team departing for Kenya/Ethiopia in June. It’s a small but enthusiastic team and we are thankful the Lord has brought us together. We pray for traveling mercies, of course, wellness, energy, safety and ears to hear the Lord’s direction as we spend time with the women and make connections.




Greetings in the most precious name of Jesus.
We are happy to share with you some of what the Lord is doing through our
ministries so that we all may be encouraged and give Him praise and glory.
We praise the Lord for:

  • Starting a ministry for teenage boys of the Sudanese refugees: regular spiritual meetings & a football school.

Please pray with us for the following:

  • A three-day training in July for leaders of discipleship groups (for women): May the Lord send the right people to attend the training. May this be the beginning of a women’s discipleship ministry in the churches that will be represented in the training Wisdom in choosing students from 7 countries for the upcoming Augustine Theological Institute (ATI) class starting December 2018 in Kenya.
  • Art and sports programs for children and teenagers (mostly non-Christians) at AWEMA’s NGOs as there is more focus on these programs during summer holidays. May this ministry yield fruit in these young lives. May Christ’s love be communicated to them although we are unable to directly share the message of the Gospel.

In Him,
M. F.

General Director



God is faithful to all the promises He gives! Thank God for all the friends who spurred us on in faith and prayed for us this season. We are grateful to you all.

  • Pray for the planning of Seminars & Trainings.
  • Pray for children education support.
  • Pray for new the recruits of women’s empowerment.
  • Praise God for our staff Prasad has been saved from a big accident.

Drs. Lavanya and Sujai Suneetha

Executive Directors, Nireekshana ACET


Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines

We praise God for: 

  • Our prayer and fellowship meetings
    • On 19 May 18. We celebrated TI Myanmar 22nd anniversary and hold thanksgiving service on this day. We invited some women groups such as Aglow Myanmar, Church of God (Evangelical) women group, Women Commission of Myanmar Evangelical Alliance, Women leaders from Covenant Church, and women leaders from other churches and denomination. About a hundred women leaders participated. Rev. Dr. Dorothy Colney shared TI Myanmar history and delivered encouraging words to promote and protect our women groups.
    • On 23 Jun 18 we held our prayer and fellowship meeting where over 20 women participated.
  • All of our EC members are fine and busy with their respective ministries.
  • Our trip to up country visiting our COG churches with our two US leaders on 23-27 May 18 was so blessed
  • Scripture Union Myanmar children ministry where I am serving as a chairperson was so blessed to extend to Taungoo, Bago Division (three hours drive from Yangon) on 4 Jun 18, giving a training to 30+ Sunday School teachers.
  • Medical Mission
    • It was planned to hold at Pha Lone village on 31 May 18 but because of heavy rain and there was no shelter, we canceled it.
    • On 21 Jun 18 we could hold at Saikpyoye village. Over 30 patients came. Dr. Hla Hla Nyein and two lady nurses helped us.
  • Supernatural Encounter healing crusade was successfully held on 8-10 Jun 18 Yangon. Attendants were over 40,000. Many received deliverance miraculously from many kinds of sickness instantly, the blind could see, deaf could hear, the lame could walked, dumb could speak etc. Really wonderful. Apostle Guillermo Maldonado USA and Rev. Dr Raymond Mooi from Malaysia led the crusade.

Please pray for:

  • Our EC members:
    • National Coordinator Rev. Dr. Khin Lay Myint @ Lorraine
    • Committee President Rev. Dr. Shelly Win
    • Vice Rev. Dr. Christobel Polu
    • Secretary Pastor Rose Ajng Gyi
    • Asst. Pastor Lindar Nelson
    • Treasurer Pastor Evelyn @ Wa Wa
    • Treasurer Pastor Thida Htay
    • Training Director Dr. Clarabel Polu
    • Asst. Pastor Jewel Yadana Mon
    • Member Pastor Thuzar Lynn
    • Member Pastor Thida Htay
    • Member Ms. Sangte
  • Monthly fellowship meeting on July 21 and medical mission at Dalah on July 19.
  • Dorothy Colney’s trip to P’pines on August 19-24.
  • Please pray for our country to have peace.

Thank you for your prayers.
Dorothy Colney

From Lily
Thank you for praying.
Only 2 prayer requests:
1. Pray for more participants to join the Haggai Leadership Training from September 6th on.
2. Pray for effective changes in the new government after 9th May 2018.
That's all for now


Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Southern Sudan

We trust God you are doing well. We are blessed and thank God for His faithfulness to us.
Below please find the prayers and praises for EA.

  • OVC
    • Godfrey Muchelule is a young boy living with muscular dystrophy. We have been trusting God to get him a wheelchair. In June we received a wheelchair through a well-wisher and he is now able to move about on his own. Please keep praying for him, that he will get admitted to school so that hey can carry on with his studies.
    • Everlyn Achieng is a mother to one of our OVC children. She underwent surgery three years ago to remove kidney stones but the wound has not healed to date and is infected. We are trusting God for provision for her to undergo a second surgery as more kidney stones have formed and they will need to remove one kidney because it is damaged. Pray that the surgery will go well and that she will make a full recovery.
    • Pauline is a fifteen-year-old girl who is disabled and she can't talk. Her parents have been hiding her at home for those 15 years and she has never been to school. We are trusting God for provision so that she can go to school and receive some medical attention. 
  • Fadhili
    • Please continue to pray for the women who are unwell in the program
      • Rose Nduku, the coordinator of the Fadhili women, has been having health challenges from time to time; in particular, her leg has been very painful and she is currently undergoing tests to fiand out the problem.
      • One woman has refused to take her medication and her condition is not good.
      • Another woman who broke her leg is still under heavy medication
  • Bethel
    • We thank God that the afternoon class for the Bethel dress making has started and we are trusting God for a full class in July.
    • We thank God that we have a new teacher to assist in the afternoon class. Her name is Lillian.
    • Pray for the students who will be sitting for their exam in August, that God will strengthen them as they prepare and that they will excel.
    • Also pray for the 3rd grade students for provisions of finances to register for their exams by the end of July as they prepare to do exams in December 2018. 
    • The students have been making items for sale: bags, domestic workers uniform, tablemats. Please pray that the sales will begin to grow.
    • We need to renovate the classroom so that the students are working in conducive environment. Please pray for provision of finances to undertake the renovations and for good workmanship.
  • Please pray for our annual retreat, which is this July 26th to 29th. That the women lives will be changed during this retreat and also for the speakers will bring forth God’s word with clarity.
  • Rev. Judy has been having many speaking engagements over the last month and we thank God for strength and favour. Please keep praying for her that God will renew her even as she continues in the ministry.


Homecare Spiritual Fellowship (Kenya)

C.E.O/FOUNDER Homecare Spiritual Fellowship


Prayer Requests:
IX Congress National Tirzah Brazil

  1. Registration: number of registrations sufficient to cover the costs of the congress
  2. Team of organizing: renewal of strength, willingness and joy to serve
  3. Preachers (Abilene, Ana Maria, Cheryl, Edileusa Veras): Inspiration for preparation of the Word and wisdom of the Holy Spirit in the explanation.
  4. Songs of worship and celebration (Quésia Silva): Discernment in the choice and inspiration in the presentation of the songs of praise inspiration in the presentation of the songs of praise.
  5. Let it be a time of much communion, worship, praise and spiritual growth.

God bless abundantly your meeting.
A big hug,

Abilene Silva

National Coordinator Tirzah BRAZIL, Regional Coordinator Tirzah INTERNATIONAL