Prayer Updates:

September 2018

Join us in praying for all that's happening with Tirzah's Regional Leaders and partners this month:


Thank you - we love sharing and praying for the prayer requests. God is faithful and He has never failed us. There's so much to pray for across the network:

  • for the MENA Region leaders as they prepare for the Tunisia Conference (9/17-9/21) and for the Lord to provide visas for all of the women in this region who want to attend. May the Lord be present in a mighty way during our time together. Please also pray for blessing and travel mercies for those of us going on with AWEMA staff to visit the work with women in Egypt afterward (9/21-9/24)
  • for the Lord to move in wonderful ways as the women who attended the Mali Conference return to their communities. May the Lord open many doors for the blessings received to pour out and multiply many times over!
  • for the Lord's abundant provision for Tirzah's ministries - the cattle on a thousand hills belong to Him! And for new friends to join us in investing in this work financially.
  • for forward motion coming out of Tirzah's board meeting on September 6
  • for the women in Tirzah's global partner programs to know that they are the Lord's delight - for their confidence to grow, their ability to provide for their families to grow and for them to be real lights and blessings to the women in their communities.
  • for the Lord to provide new board members for Tirzah - we will lose 2 wonderful global board members at the end of this year, as they have now served their 8-year terms. We are keen to find global board members to fill these places. The Lord is able!
  • Let's also give thanks and praise to God - He is so faithful and has met us so many times and surprised us with His goodness! He deserves praise, honor and glory -

Hugs and love,

President, Tirzah International


We have a great opportunity to pray this week and next. Raven + Lily has designated Tirzah's programs in
East Africa (Ethiopia and Kenya) as their primary "Give Back Partners". This means that each quarter,
they give funds from their sales to support both the Fadhili Program and the Women's Empowerment
Program (WEP) - wonderful!

  • On Friday, the 14th (Friday in Ethiopia, that is!), Kirsten Dickerson, Founder and CEO of Raven + Lily and Cameron Crake, Director of Int'l Production from R+L are going to spend the day with Ermias, Tassew (program manager for the WEP) and the wonderful women of the WEP. They'll meet together with the women, hear their stories and then go to visit a few of their businesses.
  • On Monday afternoon, 9/17, Kirsten and Cameron will spend the afternoon with Esther and the Fadhili Women in Kenya. Let's be praying for these very special visits! That the ladies will feel lifted up and feel that they have friends who are cheering them on and sincerely interested in seeing them thrive. And that Kirsten and Cameron will come away feeling excited about their partnership with us and with these special women!

So thankful to be able to reach out and know that you all will be lifting these visits up!

Together in Christ,


Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central Africa Republic, Chad, Gabon, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Sierra Leone

Let’s pray that all of the participants practice what was taught during the consultation. All the coordinators will have to go through all the themes that was preached and discussed in their respective countries before the next consultation in 2020. Let’s pray that God will give them strength to fulfill the mission. Let’s pray for the upcoming consultation in 2020 in Gabon an idolatry country.

Let’s pray for my family and I, for the health issue and above all the finances. We have no income as I do not work and none of my children due to their fragile health situation. The organization that Gilbert worked for helped us for 12 months and since December it has stopped. Things are really difficult. I sent you the farm project that we had and asked also some assistance from several people but up to now we do not have the sum for the project.

Let’s also pray for the ministry, two vice leaders were chosen: one for the West Africa (9 countries) and the second for the central Africa (6 countries) who are there to help me. I will just supervise their works and advise them. This is a way for me to prepare the succession.

May God bless us abundantly and help us grow God’s mission in Africa.

Madeleine Gouentoueu
Francophone Africa Leader


South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana, Namibia

This year there are a few events that I covet prayer for:

  1.  A TEASA workshop on sexism has been arranged for pastors on 5th September 2018 where I will be speaking. Need lots of prayers for this!!
  2.  October 2nd-4th, 2018 I travel to East London South Africa to conduct a leadership workshop with 80 ministers wives and spend one evening mentoring women students at the university. I will also be speaking on ethical leadership to leaders in the municipality.
  3. I will be participating in the South African “Justice Conference” as a contributor on 12th and 13th October 2018, speaking on Woman abuse in the Church and the role the local Church could play in addressing this issue.

Esmé Bowers


Vanuatu, Fiji, Bangladesh, Tonga, Australia

Sharing our happy news! We have just become grandparents - such a special God gift .
Lachlan McElhenny was born 29th August 2018 at 6:04am. Weighing in at 3.47 kg God is
truly amazing in His beautiful design. Both Beth and little Lachie are doing well.
Love to all Kath and Phil x


Dear friends,

This summer we are full with camps for children. In July, there were camps for Roma kids in four different locations in the area. In our church, we did it together with Serbian and Hungarian children. We want to teach children to accept each other and not to look at each others' nationality. Pray that the Word they heard would go deep into their hearts and that they could apply it to their lives. Next week, on August 6th, the camp for teenagers begins where we are expecting 60 ids from 13-17 years of age. After that, we will have another camp for the youth. Please pray for these two events. Especially for the kids and young adults who will be hearing the Gospel for the first time, please pray that the Christians in this camp overwhelm them with God's love. Let these days be a life-changing experience for them! Good news! Our Roma brothers and sisters finally have a church building. Thanks to our brothers and sisters in Hong Kong who have helped make this happen. This is the second church in the history of Serbia where a woman is the pastor. Pray for this church and for Vesna, the pastor, that she could have courage and proclaim the name of Jesus is this city. 



Please pray for the team departing for Kenya/Ethiopia in June. It’s a small but enthusiastic team and we are thankful the Lord has brought us together. We pray for traveling mercies, of course, wellness, energy, safety and ears to hear the Lord’s direction as we spend time with the women and make connections.




“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” (Luke 10:2)

Despite that the economic, social and security conditions in the MENA region are becoming more difficult, the workers in these countries always send us good news. Many souls come to Christ with spiritual hunger and thirst, especially in countries suffering from wars and persecutions. The real challenge for AWEMA these days is that “the workers are few;" yes, we need to pray together until the Lord sends workers from Him and manages the financial resources to support their ministry among millions of people crying out “come over to us and help us.” Pray with us so the second half of 2018 be a season of sowing and harvesting. Thank you for your care and support.

God bless you.
In Him,
M. F.

General Director

AWEMA Semi-Annual Report Jan-June 2018
Women’s Ministry Challenges and prayer requests:

  • For AWEMA worker: Pray for grace and emotional strength as she deals with difficult and complex situations while ministering to the women.
  • For the women: Pray for healing for their past, and for their ability to develop love, trust, and respect towards each other. And above all, that they may have a personal relationship with the Lord.
  • For the children: Pray for healing for what they have been through, for their ability to see the true image of God as a good Father in the absence of a good earthly father, stability (this facility is a transitional phase for many of them), and solutions for their major problems (in particular obtaining birth certificates and being enrolled in schools).


Dear Friends and Partners of Nireekshana,
Greetings from Hyderabad, India!

  • We are sending a report of May & June 2018. We are happy to say that Dr Sujai Suneetha gave a Health Talk about Leprosy at Shubhsandeshtv  Please see it!
  • There is a need for the children education support. An overall about 220 children we support 84 children in college, 124 in high school and 145 in primary section. These children could study with a consistent support from friends and partners like you. In their own homes with their grandparents or uncles and aunties are encouraged to help them study as the support is provided by Nireekshana. We look forward to continuing educational support for this academic support (Rs 500/- per child). Please partner with us.

Thank you for your generosity which enables us to continue this work.
Best regards,
Sujai and Lavanya Suneetha.

Greetings to you from Hyderabad!
We are grateful for your consistent prayers.
The praise & prayer points are:

  1. Please pray for Children Education Support.
  2. Pray for Nireekshana building to be initiated.
  3. Staff should get their salaries at the beginning of the month.
  4. Many patients to be blessed and healed.
  5. Women empowerment project should run with more creativity.
  6. Business for the handmade soaps.
  7. Training for the north Indian team on HIV prevention and care.
  8. Good sale for the exhibited products.

Thanking you,
For Dr Lavanya

Executive Directors, Nireekshana ACET


Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines

We praise for,

  1. We can hold medical mission at the church building of Church of God in Myanmar in Shwepyitha village, Yangon city on 16 Aug 18 led by Dr. Hla Hla Nyein and two nurses. We are having heavy rain and needed a building for shelter for the clinic. Over 40 patients received treatment.
  2. The monthly prayer and fellowship meeting was held on 18 Aug 18. About 20 attended and sharing testimonies, hearing the Word of God and praying together strengthened us so much.
  3. The handy craft class Ms Ma H. and Pastor S. went to meet women in Dalah village two times within this month and teach them.
  4. Rev. Dr. Dorothy’s trip to Philippines on 19-24 Aug 18 was very blessed. The purpose were for church matter and to dedicate her 6 months old grand niece.

Please pray for:

  1. Our country Myanmar, having heavy rain and and floods covering roads, villages and in many places. Sickness like Malaria, flu & dengue etc. are spreading a lot.
  2. The medical mission will hold on 27 Sep 18 at COG building at Thauchant village in Yangon city.
  3. Women conference to hold at Lashio in summer holiday in 2019.
  4. COG group to get visa for China in October 18 to attend the Asia Pacific COG

Conference in Qingdon, China.
Thank you for your prayer for us. God bless.
Rev. Dorothy Colney


Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Southern Sudan

Thanksgiving and prayer requests, September 2018.

1. OVC. We are thankful to God for our children have resumed school today.

  • Geoffrey* is young boy living with Muscular Dystrophy. We have been trusting God to get him a wheel chair. In June we received a wheelchair through a well-wisher and he is now able to move about on his own! Please keep praying for him that he will get admitted to school so that he can carry on with his studies
  • Pray for Evie* , a mother to one of our OVC children; she underwent surgery three years ago to remove kidney stones but the wound has not healed to date. We are trusting God for provision for her to undergo a second surgery as more kidney stones has formed and they will need to remove one kidney because it is damaged. Pray that the surgery will go well.
  • Pray for Polly* a 15-year-old girl who is disabled and she can’t talk; her parents have been hiding her at home for those 15 years and she has never been to school. We are trusting God for provision so that she can go to school and receive some medical attention.
  • Pray for families in Kibera who were affected by demolitions and fires. Pray for the parents’ sustainability of their families during these hard times as the cost of living is so high. We pray that God empowers them to be able to provide for their families.

2. Fadhili.

  • Please continue to pray for the women who are unwell in the program;
  • Rose, the coordinator of the Fadhili women has been having health challenges from time to time, in particular her leg has been very painful and she is currently undergoing tests to find out the problem.
  • Anna* particularly has refused to take her medication and her condition is not good.
  • Kalani* who broke her leg, she is still under heavy medication.

3. Bethel.

  • We thank God for sustaining the school.
  • We thank God for the students who sat for their exams Grade 1 and 2 in August 2018.
  • We pray for grade 3 students as they prepare to do their exams in December 2018.
  • The students have been making items for sale: bags, domestic workers uniform, table mats. Please pray that the sales will begin to grow.
  • We need to renovate the classroom so that the students are working in conducive environment. Please pray for provision of finances to undertake the renovations and for good workmanship.
  • Also pray for them as they continue with their holidays that God may protect them.

4. Rev. Judy has been having many speaking engagements over the last month and we thank God for strength and favor. Please keep praying for her that God will renew her even as she continues in the ministry.

Reverend Judy

Homecare Spiritual Fellowship (Kenya)

C.E.O/FOUNDER Homecare Spiritual Fellowship


The Bible sometimes seems to teach us that we should ask for everything we want, yet in Matthew 6:10, in teaching about prayer, Jesus said that we should ask: your Kingdom come; Thy will be done. When we submit to the will of God, our will comes into conformity with his will, so we can ask for what we want, since we no longer want anything other than the will of God. It is God's will that everyone should know Christ and be saved (II Peter 3: 9). Our properly motivated prayers please God. Therefore examine your heart and submit your desires and desires to the will of God. Let's pray for each other!

  • Praise God for the wonderful work accomplished in our lives during the 9th National Congress of TirzahBrasil held in Recife. God acted in the edification of our lives through word, praises and supplied all the resources necessary for the congress. To him be the glory!
  • Pray for Rubem Feliciano, the husband of Abias collaborating with Tirzah Brasil in Recife, he is recovering from a stroke and needs restoration of his health.
  • Pray for the Regional, State, City, and Tirzah Brazil Projects Coordinators. May theLord give inspiration, discernment and motivation to the work that the Lord entrusted to each one.
  • Pray for the towns of the Lakes Region, their mayors and the sisters of Tirzah, of these cities: Macaé, Rio das Ostras, Cabo Frio, Campos, Quissamã and Carapebus to overthrow the principality of violence.
  • Pray for the City of Rio de Janeiro, for Mayor Marcelo Crivella, Governor Pezão.
  • Pray for the emotional, physical and spiritual health of the Tirzah Network coordinator Lusia Alves.
  • Pray for Lydia and the SOM & ARTE project:
    • For the children participating in the musical learning in Sound and Art so that God brings motivation in the accomplishment of the tasks of the day to day;
    • For the educators in the activities for teaching and for the flow of the love of God;
    • For God to enable each participant, professional or trainee to perform their best;
    • For God to awaken sponsors who invest in the purchase of musical instruments for needy students;
    • For there to be an individual interest on the part of the team and the students in presenting the best in the accomplishment of the tasks;
    • For there to be mutual respect during the time invested for personal growth through musical learning;
    • By a flow of gratitude on the part of each participant in the team of monitors, trainees, teachers and management and by the results achieved each investment period of its best for the community;
    • For the performance of the periodic evaluations in the schedules of the public classes.

Abilene of Peace Barros Silva

National Coordinator Tirzah BRAZIL, Regional Coordinator Tirzah INTERNATIONAL