Judy Mbugua // Tirzah's Regional Leader for Eastern Africa, served as the first chairperson for the Pan Africa Christian Women’s Alliance (PACWA).  She also founded and directs Homecare Spiritual Fellowship. Judy is an international speaker, author, and serves on a number of boards. She and her team minister to HIV/AIDS widows and orphans through capacity-building programs, spiritual development, food and educational support and counseling. Homecare also provides mentors to young women leaders and has a strong prayer and evangelism outreach to individuals and families. Judy lives in Nairobi, Kenya with her husband. They have five adult children and ten grandchildren.

I was a young mother whose life seemed not to have a clear direction. The Lord ordered my life and taught me the power of prayer. Because of what the Lord has done for me over the years, picking me from a village girl and causing me to sit with great men and women, I’m obliged to minister His special love to other women giving them hope for their lives and that of their families too.  It’s all because of Christ’s love for us; humankind. Let us express the same love to the world.
— Judy Mbugua