The Impact

In Tirzah, we consider you an “investor” who invests your funds, resources, skills, and experience into the work and mission of Tirzah. As you invest with us, you join a great family of people around the world who are similarly investing themselves in the work of changing the world for women. It can be difficult to nail down the exact impact of long-term investments in kingdom work. So, let's clear it up a little and take a look at the impact of your investment through Tirzah in the life of one woman who graduated from our program

A case study:


$1,350 was invested to put Birhat* through a 10-month business course with Tirzah's partner in Ethiopia.

She learned to run her own business, received a small business loan with which to start her own business, connected with women in her community who were also learning to run their own businesses, was provided with weekly follow-up by skilled staff members and was given medical care and health training as well.  With this investment, Birhat and the other women in her class increased their income from an average of $11 to an average of $53 per month, or 480%. At that rate of increase, it will take less than three years for the initial investment of $1,350 to be reached.

Return on Investment

Data represents actual average for participants in Ethiopia Women's Empowerment Program 2017.
BEZA LRE-1115.jpeg

Birhat’s increase in income is not the only return on investment.

She trained 20 more women in pottery making.

This is common among the women in Tirzah’s global partner programs.  Another woman who learned to sew took her new machine home and taught 19 women in her neighborhood basic sewing skills. Women in our programs have been found to be more interested in sharing their new skills with women they know than in preventing business competition.  This makes the investment in them appreciate many times over.


Additionally, she combined her new savings with 86 other business course graduates for a total savings of $10,000 USD.

This kind of nest egg gives the women increased financial security and resilience in setbacks. Talk about amazing return on investment! 


After graduating from the course, Birhat is now able to send all four of her children to school.

Globally, every additional year of education leads to a 10% increase in the income of those who are educated.


*Pseudonym used for her protection.




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