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Our Name


In Numbers 27:1-8, we read the story of the five daughters of Zelophehad:

When their father died, Tirzah and her four sisters appealed to Moses and the leaders of Israel, asking to inherit his property since he had no sons. They showed great courage as they approached Moses and the whole assembly with this unusual and bold request. Moses brought their case before the Lord. God Himself granted their request, changing the inheritance laws for women in Israel from that time forward.

Tirzah represents the women in our network - courageous world changers who stand for justice and dignity for all girls and women. Standing together, we are encouraged to realize our full potential and inheritance in Christ and to advocate for others.

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Our History

It all started when...

The history of Tirzah International began twenty-five years ago with the Women's Track of AD2000 in 1990. The global women leaders identified through this movement were committed to prayer, evangelism, and holistic ministry, focusing on women and their children.  Lorry Lutz served as the Executive Director for this international network of women leaders.

Prior to leading this network, Lorry and her husband spent twenty-two years in South Africa working with youth suffering under Apartheid.  Lorry’s heart for justice and for women in leadership developed as she worked with international women leaders in Partners International.  Lorry led the Women’s Track of AD 2000 from 1990 to 2000 when it became Women of Global Action.  Lorry is also an accomplished author and has written twelve books.  The last book is called The Queen’s Daughters and recounts the story of Dr. Katharine Bushnell's fight for social justice among women trapped in the military brothels of India in the 1880s.

While the AD 2000 Movement agreed to come to a close in 2000, the women leaders unanimously decided  the Women’s Track should continue.  In 2000, the Women's Track joined the ministry of Global Action and became Women of Global Action. At the meeting held by the Regional Leaders in Guatemala, Lorry Lutz passed the baton of leadership to Emily Voorhies, who became the Executive Director for this new ministry. Emily had been involved in international ministry for more than twenty years, twelve of them in Africa. During her time in Africa, Emily served with both the International Bible Society and Opportunity International.  She expressed her hope for this network as she took on its leadership, “I pray that we will see women trained, equipped and released to be all God wants them to be.” 

In 2011, God led Women of Global Action into a new season of ministry and growth. Tirzah International was launched with Emily serving as its first President.  We felt the time had arrived for us to be an independent ministry, focused on addressing the critical issues impacting women and girls in our world today.  True to our original calling, we work together as a global network of women leaders who desire to see women and girls thrive as God intended.