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Dr. F // Tirzah’s Regional Leader in the Arab World began her ministry about 40 years ago, during her study at the Faculty of Dentistry, Cairo University. Dr. F started by leading a group for ministering to the Faculty students. In 1985, she began to support the ministry of AWEMA (Arab World Evangelical Ministers' Association) through involvement with their women's ministry during the conferences they held in the Arab world. Dr. F. also counseled women as she traveled among countries in this region and has been involved in the ministry of prayer. During these long years, the Lord has used her to serve women in the fields of teaching, counseling and prayer. She hopes to continue to serve women through leadership of the AWEMA Women's Committee that is serving women from the Middle East, North Africa and the African Horn countries. This Women's Committee consists of six women from Egypt, Sudan, Morocco and Syria. All of the Committee members have served in ministry among Arab women for more than ten years.