Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines

Reverend Dorothy Colney // Tirzah’s Regional Leader in Southeast Asia has been in ministry forty years. Reverend Dorothy Colney was officially ordained as a pastor in Manila, Philippines and worked ten years with Burma Campus Crusade for Christ and the Church of God in Myanmar (Evangelical). She is Senior Pastor, President of the Church of God in Myanmar, and Chairperson of Scripture Union Myanmar. Reverend Dorothy received her honorary Doctor of Divinity in 2009 in Malaysia from the Christian Institute of Theology.  Her work with Tirzah focuses on leadership training, ministering to and providing medical care for women who are living with HIV/AIDS, preventing human trafficking by educating women and families and training on the importance of keeping girls in school. Reverend Dorothy and the leadership team in her region have developed a strong network that works across ethnic and denominational lines. 
Reverend Dorothy has already seen some of her prayers answered as religious freedom has grown in her nation. She is grateful for progress but knows there is still a lot of work to be done. She feels a great burden for poor widows and would like to develop a micro-enterprise/small business training program for them as well as expand her trafficking awareness program.

Read About the Issues Dorothy and Her Team Address in the Asian Peninsula and Islands:

“One night in my dream I was climbing up the stairs and going up the building. When I reached the top I saw a big door opened and saw many sick women who needed help. I felt so much pity for them and tried to go in. When I woke up I clearly knew that this assignment was from God.”
— Reverend Dorothy Colney, describing when she knew she was called to minister to women.