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Become a Corporate Partner

Ideas for what this partnership could look like:

  • A blog post on your page and ours, featuring you talking about what being a woman means to you, why you believe investing in other women is important, what touches your heart when it comes to issues women face, how you feel connected to the struggles of women worldwide

  • A series of social media posts where you invite your audience to advocate for women through Tirzah and to equip themselves with a deeper knowledge of the issues women face, as well as tangible, actionable next steps through Tirzah

  • A give-away where you offer a unique product or service in a randomized drawing to participants willing to follow you and Tirzah on social media channels and opt in to an email list

  • A portion-of-proceeds model where you advertize that for a certain time period, a certain portion of sales from a specific product or service will go to Tirzah

  • Really anything else you can think of! We are open to your creative ideas - we have had a Grammy award-winning artist leverage a portion of the proceeds of all of her merchandise to help fund Tirzah's work; we've had artists create special watercolor card series pro bono for us to sell in order to raise funds. In other words, the partnership is your oyster.

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How this partnership benefits you:

  • Develop corporate social responsibility practices with a reputable, international organization

  • Increase morale of audience with motivating purpose

  • Demonstrate your personal values and awareness of global needs, increasing customer engagement and brand loyalty

  • Increase sales and income through a portion-of-proceeds donation structure

  • Invite your social media community to participate in God’s work

  • Connection to new and different audience through our network spanning thousands of men and women in 12 regions covering 50 countries

  • Stand beside other reputable partners, like artists and entrepreneurs, who also provide connections to new and different audiences for your work

  • Receive a tax deduction for your monetary or in-kind contribution


How this partnership benefits us:

  • Connect Tirzah to new and different audience who care about issues our organization focuses on!

  • Increase funding potential for our global grassroots partner programs

  • Connect Tirzah leaders with community influencers in your network

  • Attract new volunteers, investors, and advocates to Tirzah

  • Connect Tirzah with new followers on social media and recipients for our email newsletter packed with good news and updates on our programs

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Current Corporate Partners

royal design studios logo.png


Royal Design Studio creates sublime stencils for decorating your living space. Their collection with Raven + Lily benefits Tirzah and is full of unique patterns inspired by global connections.

When we launched the collection in Spring 2014, we had two goals in mind: to interpret Raven + Lily's chic global aesthetic into unique patterns for home surface decoration, and to help raise awareness and fund education for HIV+ women in the Entoto area of Ethiopia.

Raven + Lily logo

Raven + LIly

Raven + Lily is a lifestyle brand offering trend-forward fair trade fashion, accessories, and home furnishings with its core underlying mission to empower women on a global scale.  

To celebrate International Women's Day, we are matching all sales with a donation towards the seed capital needed for ten women in Ethiopia to start their own small businesses. Raven + Lily is matching every sale on Wednesday, March 8th, with a donation to these women. 

Donuts + Daisies logo.png

donuts and daisies

Donuts and Daisies is a lifestyle blog by the delightful Kelly Nordine that features fashion, food, and philanthropy. 

I don’t know about you but this is the type of network I want to support. I’ve compiled 28+ of my favorite Christmas cookie recipes into one eBook for you and I’m donating 10% of my proceeds to Tirzah International. 

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