Tirzah Apple Valley

We are advocates for Tirzah International and their work “Investing in women who are changing their world”. We do this by:

  1. Meeting once a month to review Tirzah work being done around the world

  2. Praying for all leaders within the organization and our regional leaders globally

  3. Raising awareness in our community about Tirzah

  4. Supporting the organization monetarily by having fundraisers

We also strive to be informed about local charities, especially when they pertain to helping women overcome oppression and violence.

We meet once a month,

on the first Monday of the month at 1:00Pm.

In 2019 the upcoming dates are:

  • September 5

  • October 7

  • November 9

Contact chapter leaders for further information:


Annie Gaunder   GOGAUN1@AIM.COM

Ideas for 2019:

  • Write to our Tirzah regional leaders quarterly

  • Focus on helping a specific local charity

  • Do a raffle for an African/American quilt that Annie will design

  • Sell items that the Tirzah Kenya/Ethiopia team can bring back

  • Hold a fundraiser through a local restaurant where part of the sales on a certain date, for those with a special flyer, would go to Tirzah

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September 5 at 10:00 am

We will join together to watch a special webinar

"Mental Health Concepts and Trafficking: Fundamentals for Justice Professionals to Understand"

Victims need a holistic approach for rehabilitation. Everyone around them is affected —families and those that help rescue and rehabilitate them. And there are unique legal issues. This webinar will help us understand the complexities involved.

The meeting will be at Carol Leiby's

19344 Macklin St, Apple Valley CA


Psst! Need directions?

Enter off of Apple Valley Rd and Arroyo Mesa at guard gate. Tell the guard you are here to meet with Carol Leiby.

Directions from guard gate: Go straight to stop sign, turn right. Proceed on Lakeshore to Macklin, you can only turn right.

Past Meetings

August 5

Our May speaker returned, Kara Rooney, the Community Engagement Coordinator for the Open Door.   She helped us learn about the despicable world of human trafficking right here in our own backyard.  More on this program here.


Yesterday we got to hear the shocking facts about the prevalence of human trafficking in the high desert, our county and state. Driving down a section of 7th Street in Victorville will never be the same for me as this is a “mini blade”. We learned many facts including the use of social media to “romance” our children and grandchildren. This is a video made by a survivor. This is a difficult subject but a reality we need to face. It is one thing to hear about it in many of the developing countries where Tirzah works, but another when it is so close to home. Unfortunately it is a global problem with many innocent victims. I’m so glad we support Tirzah where I know victims are being helped around the world. The Open Door gives us a chance to help locally too. They are doing a wonderful work in the high desert. They provide hope, where some of the stories are gut-wrenching and often seem hopeless. Thank you to all of you that came. Kara Rooney, the presenter, was encouraged by our support and suggestions. If you would like to support The Open Door, you can make a check out to Family Assistance Program, put “The Open Door” in the memo field. Send it to family Assistance Program at 813 N. D Street, San Bernardino CA 92401. If you have questions or know someone who needs help, call their hotline 909-333-7476.

July 1

We toured Our Children Project. They have a therapy program for children and families recovering from sexual abuse. Despite the fact that sexual abuse is a much larger problem than we realize, this is the ONLY program like it in San Bernardino County. Spread the word about this ministry! More on their program here.

May 6

Speaker was Kara Rooney of The Open Door, part of Family Assistance Program. They provide case management and support to victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. They get referrals from Public Defenders, District Attorneys, and the California Department of Probation. They have a near 100% success rate with those they continue working with. Clients are housed at both adult and youth shelters and they provide a safe home for sexually exploited children.

April 1

Speaker was Jimmy Waldron of High Desert Homeless Services. They assist homeless who have been displaced from long-term housing due to natural disaster or loss of income and empower homeless men, women and children by providing the necessary skills to become self-sufficient. We had a TP drive – lots of rolls of TP for HDHS.