Casandra Morgan-Loyer // Tirzah’s Regional Leader in North America joined the staff of Tirzah in January 2014 after serving as Tirzah's Los Angeles chapter co-leader for several years. Casandra has a BA in Cinema/Television Production from the University of Southern California and is an Emmy nominated and Writers’ Guild Award winning writer. Her work as Tirzah’s director in North America involves finding creative ways to educate people about the issues that impact the lives of women globally --AIDS, Violence, Poverty, Slavery and Education. She speaks to women’s groups, fosters and develops relationships with partner churches and leads teams to visit Tirzah’s global projects. Casandra develops material that can be used by advocates to learn more about Tirzah’s issues and how they can get involved. She also helps write fundraising materials and plans advocacy events. She lives in California with her husband and their two children.

I am a writer who has worked mostly in entertainment but I come from a family of six daughters and have always been acutely aware that women and girls are often not on a fair playing field. During a quiet time in my life, God called me to take a closer look at these issues and my heart was broken in ways I could not ignore. My personal mission is to help women and girls thrive, prosper, believe, hope, laugh uncontrollably and know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they matter to God and they matter to the world.
— Casandra Morgan-Loyer