Tirzah Calls

We host international conference calls with our global leaders, program coordinators, and program participants so that you can get to know our work firsthand and hear special stories directly from the source!

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Thursday, December 13, 2018. Rose, the Fadhili program director, shared this morning that she has been doing devotionals with the ladies on tithing.  Everyone on the call was surprised to hear Rose had chosen this subject as the women in the group come from impoverished backgrounds. We asked Peninah, one of the Fadhili women, about her hopes for the future.  Peninah shared that one of her biggest hopes has come true.  She prayed for an opportunity to help other women in her community.  

You can click through the recording to hear later or earlier parts by simply clicking in the loading bar with your mouse.

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On Giving Tuesday, November 27, 2018, we heard from Ksenija, Tirzah’s global leader in Eastern Europe. She told us about how God moved her heart to start ministry with women, what led her to work with Roma women, and the way she is now initiating training for young men to learn how to respect and love women.

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From our featured episode on the podcast Chicks Who Give a Hoot!

Cheryl is the President Tirzah International, which is a global organization that partners with women leaders in their own nations to combat poverty, exclusion from education, modern-day slavery, HIV/AIDS, and violence against women and girls.

Through her work with various non-profits, Cheryl has lived and worked in Mexico, Honduras, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Carolina – and has enjoyed them all! She now lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two sons.

In this episode, Cheryl is sharing how her organization, Tirzah International, is empowering women all over the world, how she believes women are uniquely created to transform communities, and how the organization is working to transcend global divides such as religion.



Judy, director of Homecare (Tirzah’s partner in Kenya) and her daughter and coworker Esther sat down with us to answer question about starting the Fadhili program, responding to needs in their community, challenges the women face, how we know women are ready to graduate the program, and more!