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Happy International Women's Day!

This International Women’s Day we are celebrating women who lead. We celebrate their ingenuity in problem-solving. We declare their courage in building better lives for themselves, their kiddos, and their communities. We honor their boldness in trying new and hard things like starting a business and going into ministry.  Something big is happening with Tirzah’s Ethiopia Partner and on this special day, we want to share it with you. 

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Simone | continuing to educate women leaders in Central African Republic

Following the West Africa International Women’s Conference in July 2018, each of the country leaders returns to her home region and shares her new-gained knowledge with others. This past month, the Central African Republic group had its second follow-up regional conference!

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Talia | bringing hope to prisons and shelters

My name is Talia*. My ministry is with girls or, as some people call it, “sisters’ meetings.” This is something that has started a long time ago. I used to go to my church and also attend (girls’) meetings at other churches. Also in my ministry, I visit the women’s prison. They are in desperate need for care and encouragement. Even the Lord in the Bible says, “I was in prison and you came to visit me.” It means a lot for them when you visit them.

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Abigail | from patient to nurse-aid in Kenya

Abigail was born and raised in the village. When she was in her early teenage years, she contracted a rare skin disease that left her hospitalized for 3 years. She was made to share the hospital bed with other sick people who would die and this traumatized her. She decided that the only way to help herself was to become a helper in the hospital. She would help the nurses and doctors by pushing the medicine cart.

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Lorraine | twenty years with Tirzah Myanmar

Leading up to International Women’s Day 2019, we are highlighting the impact of women who lead! Tirzah is blessed to have so many incredible leaders in our network, many of whom are equipping other leaders - the ripple effect is REAL.

Daw Kihn Lay Myint goes by Lorraine sometimes. Her full title is Rev. Dr. Daw Khin Lay Myint (Lorraine) B.Ed, D.D., Ph.D. Yes, you read all of those incredible tiles correctly. Lorraine works with Dorothy, Tirzah’s Global Leader in Myanmar, and wrote a bit for us about her experience in Tirzah.

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