Ksenija | listening to God's voice


Ksenija is our Global Leader in Eastern Europe. A while back, she was interviewed by Cheryl on a special conference call. She shared about how she came to be passionate about women, especially reaching Roma women, with her ministry.

Cheryl: Tell us a little about your background.

Ksenija: I was born in a communist country... Before my birth, my father was twice imprisoned because of preaching the gospel. So, I was raised up in a Christian family. I am very thankful to the Lord for that. Then, the son of my pastor, forty-two years ago, asked me to marry him. So we married and we have five children and five grandchildren also, and they all serve the Lord.

Cheryl: Tell us how you came to have a heart for women in particular.

Ksenija: Me and my husband, we were invited to England in the 1990s. Yeah, 1990 so it was 28 years ago. And the lady we were visiting, she called me to join her to go to the meeting of ladies that was organized in a restaurant. So that was the year, 1990, when the communists fell down here in Eastern Europe, and I’d never heard of a meeting out of the church because in the communist time we couldn’t meet outside of the church. So I went to this meeting with her and I saw the restaurant was filled with ladies. There was worship, there was the Word, there was testimony. And suddenly, God spoke to me and I had a burden on my heart: I have to start this in my country. So I came home and I asked some ladies from my church to help me plan for this because God really wants to do something among ladies. Among sisters, among not just sisters but among women in this area. And a few months later we started it and this was the first meeting outside of the church in East Europe. And it was growing, the women were starting to get saved, join the church, and God really blessed them. I saw how important this work was with ladies, to meet their problems, their needs.

The other side, how God opened my heart to the Roma was very, very interesting. It was a few years later. One morning- it was winter - I went out to the street so I went out to help my husband cleaning the snow because it was big snow and he needed to go somewhere with the car. As I was cleaning the snow, one Roma lady came on a road passing my house and she stopped and looked at me. It was a very, very cold morning and very heavy snow. And she looked at me and asked, “Can you help me? I have seven children and we need some food.” It just touched my heart. I looked at her, and I was just thinking, God, I am so privileged that I was born where I was born - I have home, I have family, I have food. And then I really felt that I needed to reach out to these people. They are neglected. Everybody's just pushing them away, leaving them probably just a little money, and don’t want any relationship with them. So I gave her what I had at that moment in my house. And I told her, “You know what you are free to come back each week, one day, and I will give you as much as  I can and I will help you.” And it went on for years. She was coming back every Thursday morning and she knocked on my door and she said what she needed. She was so honest, she didn’t want to cheat me I was so happy to help them. And then God spoke to me, well really to my husband because at first he was not open to “gypsy” he thought “who are theses people? They are just gypsy.” Then God really showed us they are precious in his eyes. We have to take care of their soul. We have to show them Jesus. We have to preach them the gospel. That is how God put in our hearts this fire, this love that we have for them. Right now in our church we have a special meeting every Sunday evening, we have a church service for them. They are Roma people coming. And they are coming more and more!

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