Zhen | our newest board member in Shanghai

We are thrilled to introduce to you our newest board member, Zhen Zeng from Shanghai.

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We love Zhen's journey into advocacy for women around the world! Zhen is a good friend of Fenny Ang, former Tirzah board member. Together they were doing executive coaching using Laurie Beth Jones' The Path. As Zhen worked through the exercises, she identified her passion as inspiring and giving to those who are marginalized including women and children and giving them skills to be on a level playing field so that they can pursue what God has made them for. This then led Zhen to become involved with Tirzah as a board member.

Zhen shares, "I am passionate to help people who are in need of hope to carry them through seemingly hopeless situations. Often, these people are women and children. I have volunteered and invested in a ministry that built schools and supported young girls in their education in the mountain villages of southwest China. I invested in the life of a teen named Chloe, the oldest of 3 siblings living with their aged grandparents. By middle school, Chloe was struggling academically and about to quit school due to the financial strain on the family. My financial investment helped her to finish her schooling. Little did I expect, Chloe finished high school and did well in her college entrance exams. Chloe went on to medical school with my continued investment. She is now a medical doctor - an OB/GYN at her hometown hospital. And most amazingly, although she hasn’t formally claimed her faith, Chloe has found her love for God.

I currently serve at Community Center, Shanghai (CCS). As a non-profit, CCS's mission is to Connect, Support, and Enable internationals to adapt and thrive in Shanghai. A majority of our members are stay-at-home women who want to enrich their lives. Through our classes, events and volunteer activities, they make friends, learn languages and cultures, and develop new skills. Some of them start up a new career or business during their time with us. We also provide professional counseling services. I made friends with a woman who had struggled with her marriage right after arriving in Shanghai. She sought our counseling services and rediscovered her identity. Furthermore, she improved her self worth through volunteering for CCS.