Abigail | from patient to nurse-aid in Kenya

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Abigail was born and raised in the village. When she was in her early teenage years, she contracted a rare skin disease that left her hospitalized for 3 years. She was made to share the hospital bed with other sick people who would die and this traumatized her. She decided that the only way to help herself was to become a helper in the hospital. She would help the nurses and doctors by pushing the medicine cart. She was visited just by her father at the end of each month because the hospital was a long way from her home and the rest of the family could not afford the transport costs to go and visit her in hospital. She was discharged because the doctors could not cure her.

When she was discharged from the hospital, she went to live with her boyfriend. She gave birth to a baby girl and again had to be admitted in hospital because of her skin condition. She got married and got 3 children. The children stayed with her parents as she sought medical assistance in Nairobi.

When she was diagnosed as being HIV/AIDS positive, she was shocked but overcame the trauma quickly since she had lived for many years with the rare skin condition. She realized that she could take medication for HIV/AIDS but not for her skin condition. She decided to join the visitation ministry in her church, where she would visit sick people in hospitals and the prisoners in prison.

Abigail joined Fadhili women group in 2017. She soon learned to share about her condition and she was accepted in the Fadhili family. She now boldly visits the Fadhili members when they are unwell as well in addition to her other visits to other patients in hospitals. She helps Rose in visiting the members of Fadhili who are unwell. We equip her with foodstuffs for the sick and ailing. She washes clothes, cooks and feeds the sick. She is a community champion and is spreading God’s love wherever she goes.

Abigail has managed to turn a sad, painful and lonely life into a positive one by using her illness and her experiences to help others who are sick and lonely.