Lorraine | twenty years with Tirzah Myanmar

Leading up to International Women’s Day 2019, we are highlighting the impact of women who lead! Tirzah is blessed to have so many incredible leaders in our network, many of whom are equipping other leaders - the ripple effect is REAL.

Daw Kihn Lay Myint goes by Lorraine sometimes. Her full title is Rev. Dr. Daw Khin Lay Myint (Lorraine) B.Ed, D.D., Ph.D. Yes, you read all of those incredible tiles correctly. Lorraine works with Dorothy, Tirzah’s Global Leader in Myanmar, and wrote a bit for us about her experience in Tirzah.

I am the Assistant Pastor of the Bethany Assembly of God Church in Yangon, Myanmar and the current Coordinator of Tirzah Myanmar.

I joined Tirzah Myanmar 22 years ago, in 1997, when it was called Women of Global Action. After joining this international women's ministry there have been many blessings and benefits in my life and ministry: I was asked to teach the Bible so I have to study more and gain much more spiritual truths for myself before I teach others. As we are meeting women from different churches and denominations, I enjoy so much more fellowship with others and have learned so much from them, I've learned many lessons on how to share our love and serve others, I've learned to work as a team through traveling with the Tirzah Leadership Team.

During my 20+ years of service with Tirzah Myanmar's ministry, I have received the following ministry credentials from the Assemblies of God Church and from the Emmaus Bible School: a Doctor of Divinity in 2016 and a Ph.D. in 2017.

I love this ministry very much and thank God and Rev. Dr. Dorothy Colney for her leadership!


Lorraine has a heart for ministering to women across denominations and all around her region, sharing the good news of God’s love and equipping women to build rich spiritual lives through studying the Word. The Tirzah network has provided her with opportunities to travel and meet others — alike and different. As a part a network of women in ministry, Lorraine was inspired, encouraged, and supported to attend Bible school, study and achieve new heights in her education, and expand her work in new ways.