Meeting a Much Ignored Need

From Madeleine Gouentoueu, Tirzah Francophone Africa Director:

Since the beginning of this year 2018, the FAM / TIRZAH Francophone Africa Structure, has resolved to direct a part of our activities towards a much ignored and unknown social layer: women and girls living with fistulas.

Due to their condition, these women are in need of: soaps, old or new fabrics, clothing, cloths. They also need money for food. They need prayers, visits, love and liberality, of course, from others. And who else can give them this long-awaited love, if not those who have received it from the God of Love?

This condition is very often due to early marriage, excision or even home births without help or follow-up. Their treatment is often expensive in Africa, because it is a surgical procedure.Because of their condition, they are rejected by husbands, their families and even by society.

In some countries such as Mali (where FGC is widely practiced), the state has taken note of the number of women who have been disabled and marginalized through fistulas and has planned a boarding school and a compassionate structure for them. The state provides them with a vital minimum, to allow them to live for a while, but these women are waiting for their last breath there without any hope and without any other support. In other countries, they are left on their own.

Following are the strategies we are now adopting:

1. Manifest the love of Christ Jesus for these suffering women

We show by our contacts, our prayers, our words and above all our actions, the love of God towards these suffering people.

a. Raise awareness among National Women Leaders to target this layer of rejected and marginalized women,

b. Pray for these women and visit them to know their needs

c. Bring them the Holistic Gospel (give them hope and faith in Jesus Christ for life now and for life eternal.)

2. To reach the authorities responsible for the care of these women in nations where there is currently no formal care for the women

a. See to what extent the government can help these women and reach the relevant ministry such as the Social Ministry or theMinistry of Women and the Child.

b. To make known the needs of these women to the Christian associations of the country for the collection of the gifts and to make known this neglected structure to others. One has a national day of the prayer in favor of these them.

c. Train these women in how to take care of themselves (knitting, and making items to sell, helping them market what they weave, helping them to integrate into society or their family when they are healed, to be able to care of their children)

We ask you to pray for us as we roll out this “first edition” of our program for those with fistulas in Mali. At our July Consultation in Mali, each National Coordinator will give us an account of what is being done and what remains to be done related to fistulas in each country where Fam / Tirzah is located.

May the Lord also raise up people who can help meet the needs of women suffering from fistulas.

Tirzah International