The Power of $8.50

On International Women's Day, we asked the question "Who Am I?"

We know that many women around the world receive an answer to this question that is not from God’s heart. They are told they are not important, told that what they want doesn’t matter, told they are disposable.

Every two years, women leaders from 15 countries in West Africa gather to ask and answer this question for themselves. Later this year, two thousand women from West Africa will gather to feel the strength and power that comes from unity in a part of the world that is difficult for women and difficult for Christians.

You read that right - 2,000 women! This may be the first time that some of these women have heard God's answer to that "Who am I?" question: that they are powerful, beautiful, capable, strong, and valuable. 

March is Women's History month and we're not stopping just because #IWD2018 is over. We're pressing into the need for women to hear the awesome truth about who they are and the opportunity to help meet that need by sponsoring women to attend the Francophone International Women's Conference in Mali in July.

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Women will gather for training they can take back to the women in their communities —training in discipleship, entrepreneurship and leadership. The goal for these meetings is that these women leaders will be encouraged and grow in godly confidence in who they are as they explore their identity in the Christ who has “the power of an indestructible life.” (Hebrews 7:16)

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helps send 1 woman to the conference

Join us in equipping women in West Africa to draw on that power to do the work of Tirzah as expressed by Madeleine Gouentoueu, our leader in the region: To encourage the weak, to go back to the broken hearts, to fortify the anguished mind, to support those who need help.

The theme of this year's conference, or consultation as they say in West Africa, is a woman's powerful identity and her role in God's plan. Leaders intentionally chose to hold their meetings in Mali because a country that faces many challenges. They want to make a bold statement and show that Christ in them means the "hope of glory" (Colossians 1:27).

Let's say AMEN to that!