Experiencing Unity in Brazil

What power can form one global family out of women and men from many nations?  What force can raise us up above those things that divide us?  What love can cause us to experience a joy so deep, so real and so satisfying that we feel we are tasting heaven?

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Tirzah International
5 Great Women of Faith

She came from a wealthy, well-educated London family and had an incredible talent for painting. As her art flourished, many encouraged her to commit her life fully to artistic endeavors. An art critic and friend said if she would do so, "she would be the greatest living painter and do things that would be Immortal." Instead, she put a pause on her painting career - if she was going to devote her life to one thing fully, it would be to loving the Lord. 

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The Power of $8.50

On International Women's Day, we asked the question "Who Am I?"

We know that many women around the world receive an answer to this question that is not from God’s heart. They are told they are not important, told that what they want doesn’t matter, told they are disposable.

Every two years, women leaders from 15 countries in West Africa gather to ask and answer this question for themselves. Later this year, two thousand women from West Africa will gather to feel the strength and power that comes from unity in a part of the world that is difficult for women and difficult for Christians.

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Rose | a Devotional from Homecare in Nairobi, Kenya

Rose is a core part of our partner program in Kenya and ministers to the Fadhili women, budding entrepreneurs and widows living with HIV. The Fadhili women are a group of 30 (graduating in classes of 15 every 3 years) at Homecare in Nairobi, Kenya. One key aspect of transformation that happens when women are in this program is their view of themselves becomes based on scripture, not on how the world around them has treated them.

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