Abilene da Paz Barros Silva // Tirzah's Regional Leader in Brazil was born in a Christian home, the daughter of a church leader. Her parents were very dedicated to the work of the Lord, and from an early age she decided to serve Jesus. Abilene married a seminarian who was soon ordained as a pastor and together they were sent to the mission field in the city of São Luís Maranhão. They have two grown daughters, who serve God together with their husbands. They also have one beautiful granddaughter.

Abilene's formal training has been in the fields of Theology, Pedagogy, and Psychopedagogy. She currently works in school education. She also serve in the "CAMPOS" Ministry - the Center for Assistance to Missions, Projects and Social Organizations. Within this ministry, Abilene is a lecturer for church-planters, married couples and families. She is the Regional Leader for Tirzah's Brazil network.  In this capacity she organizes bi-annual national congresses and coordinates the Tabitha Project, whose objective is to provide dignity through practical assistance for those in need.

My fervent desire is to see the Gospel being preached in every corner of the earth and a living church planted and active among every race and tribe, tongue and nation. I pray to the Lord for a genuine renewal that awakens the Church of the Lord Jesus in order that Christians throughout the world have a love for those yet to know Christ.
— Abilene da Paz Barros Silva